Memorable trip to Manali & Kasol

It was a very harsh winter when we arrived Manali late evening of December 2018 after long hours of bus journey from New Delhi, exhausted and hungry as hell but the first thing that we did was hunting for an affordable room to stay for the next few days, it did not take us long... Continue Reading →

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Crowborough Hotel: 30 years and counting

I wasn't even born when the foundation stone of the Crowborough Hotel was laid. Located in the heart of the City ( Town)- khyndailad police bazaar, Shillong, Meghalaya (India). Crowborough Hotel as per the initial plans as far as 1986 was estimated at a cost of Rs 13 crore. Unfortunately in such a state today... Continue Reading →

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Of Spring and the Bougainville

The Spring breeze and the Bougainvillaea blooming around us is what makes spring soulful and soothing, the little sound of nature and the birds chirping around us is just too good to say the least, that little windy morning or evening which gives us a sense of a call; hey I am here to cheer... Continue Reading →

Chinma Falls Shallang, Meghalaya

If you want to visit this majestic Chinma Falls it requires some trekking, hiking in the rough and steep forest of Shallang in West Khasi Hills Meghalaya you need to toughen up and be ready for some slippery slopes and leeches biting you. Although it is a short trek from the main road to the... Continue Reading →

#BnW Photo stories: Streets of Unlock

Capturing candid moments of Shillong street and the outskirt is always fun because it documents memories and stories all along,  should we want to visualise later on and check back what happened to yesteryears. Here are photos I clicked which symbolises the life in the time of pandemic, the new normal that we try to... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk Shillong

Shillong, the erstwhile capital of Assam can also be avowed as the hub of hustle and bustle. People from outside Meghalaya who are quite alien to this region might think that Shillong is somewhere in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) or for that matter Bangladesh (Chittagong). While intermingling with people from Northeast and elsewhere, they were overwhelmed... Continue Reading →

Dear brutal Summer

The summer is right here, and the Rajdhani is lurching under the penetrating hot and humid climate. With analogous circumstances likely to succeed in the approaching week, are we ready to tackle in combatting the blistering heat?  It is imperative to prevent ourselves from much illness that might come our way unless we take necessary... Continue Reading →

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